ACETYLENE Cylinder 5.7 lt 19 bar - loaded with 1 kg gas, complete with valve

$ 256.02 / Pieces
VAT Excluded

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Cylinder compliant legislation 99/36 / EC (TPED).
Loaded with Dissolved Acetylene: 1 kg
inner surface treated with peening process, outer surface coated with a primer layer, punching and testing in accordance with regulatory requirements.
Operating pressure 15-19 bar, test pressure 60 bar.
Full of Italian production valve.
EAN n.d.
Contents 1.00 kg
Cylinder/Container size 5,7 liters
Packaging Overall Dimensions dia. 140 x (H) 440 mm.
Package weight 13 Kg.
Valve Type Single Phase (vapour only)
Valve Outlet C2H2 - UNI 11144 - female G 5/8" SX
Item number G-ABB-AC-B-05L
Packaging Refillable steel cylinder (T-PED) wrapped in cardboard box

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