Cylinder G-CO2 da 0,95 lt / 390 grammi - pack of 12 pieces

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Technical gases are employed in almost all industrial processes: in Mechanical engineering for cutting and soldering of metals; in Chemical engineering for cooling down and conservation of chemical compounds; in Electrical engineering for equipment operation; in Civil engineering for treatments of drinkable and drain water.
When applications require limited capacity tanks, General Gas offers the G-TEC® line. These cylinders, whose capacity is 0,95 lt., are disposable and non-refillable, and are sold in package of 12, 6 and 1 pieces. G-TEC® cylinders are made of carbon steel in compliance with the EN12205 regulation. Their working pressure is 110 bar. They can be employed in many applications that require a limited amount of gas.
  • G-Argon
  • G-Carbon Dioxide
  • G-Mix Argon-Carbon Dioxide
  • G-Oxygen
  • G-Nitrogen
  • G-Mix Nitrogen-Hydrogen

G-Carbon Dioxide is liquefied carbon dioxide stored into 0,95 liters cylinders. Carbon dioxide at standard atmospheric conditions (15°C e 760mm Hg) is a gas present in earth atmosphere in concentrations between 0,03% and 0,05%. Carbon dioxide is colourless, odourless, non-flammable, but asphyxiating at high concentration. Carbon dioxide is carried in liquid state below its saturated vapour pressure. G-Carbon Dioxide is employed as protective gas in GMAW welding of non-alloy or low-alloy steel. It's also employed as propellant in aerosol machines. 

G-Carbon Dioxide is employed as:
  • protective gas in GMAW welding of non-alloy or low-alloy steel;
  • additive in aquariums both as food for marine flora and water pH stabilizer
G-Carbon Dioxide is employed for high quality GMAW welding.
G-Carbon is non-flammable and doesn't trigger any oxidation reactions.
EAN 8052740119612
ASHRAE Flammability Classification A1
Contents 0.39 kg
Cylinder/Container size 0,95 liters
Packaging Overall Dimensions 315 x 235 x (H) 335 mm.
Package weight 22 Kg.
Valve Type Single Phase (vapour only)
Valve Outlet M10x1
Item number G-GTX-CO2-B0,95L-12
Packaging Cardboard box

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