12 x Refill Kit of Purifying Treatments for Ultrasonic Nebulizer - ATOM ULTRA 120 ml - SMOKI - Package # 12 pcs

$ 18.31 / Package
VAT Excluded

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Purifying Treatment to be used with nebulizer ATOM MACHINE

ATOM treatment has been formulated in different fragrances and treatment:

- PURE, marine note;
- LEMON, citrus note;
- MINT, mint note;
- SMOKI, eliminates smoke and cigarette odors;
- WOOFI, eliminates pet odors.

Scrupulously follow the user manual got with the product and keep it during the time.

Do not remain in the cockpit during treatment; do not leave other people, children or animals in the cockpit.

Ventilate for at least 5 minutes after the treatment.

For more information on ATOM MACHINE nebulizer click here

EAN 8033158037255
Packaging Overall Dimensions 225 x 185 x H210 mm.
Package weight 2 Kg.
Product Type Ready
Implementing rules: Ready to use
Item number F-ER-PC-PUR-04
Packaging Cardboard box

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