Kryon® NeoGel - Inhibited Polyethiylene Glycol (MEG) - plastic tank 25 Kg - colour blue

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Secondary Fluids - Kryon® NeoGel - Inhibited Polyethiylene Glycol (MEG) - plastic tank 25 Kg - colour blue
Glycols are secondary heat transfer fluids and are used in refrigeration systems in order to reduce the amount of refrigerant.
Glycols are used when keeping the system containing the refrigerants away from public areas is absolutely necessary for safety reasons.
Glycols contain specific corrosion inhibitors that avoid the corrosion of metal parts of systems.
Most commonly used glycols are:
  • Inhibited Ethylene Glycol: it is the less expensive and the most used fluid in heat transfer.
  • Inhibited Polypropylene Glycol: it has a lower toxicity compared to Ethylene Glycol, so it is the most recommended for food applications.
Inhibited Ethylene Glycol and Inhibited Polypropylene Glycol are both transparent liquids and mixable with water.
Glycols are used when a heat transfer liquid in large refrigeration systems is needed, as well as in chillers, floor cooling systems and ice rinks.
Glycols contain specific inhibitors that allow the systems to be protected from corrosion
Corrosion Inhibitors prevent the formation of acidity in the system, reduce the maintenance costs and make the system operation safer and more reliable.
EAN n.d.
ASHRAE Toxicity
Packaging Overall Dimensions 290 x 320 x H 380 mm.
Package weight 1.04 Kg.
Item number F-FS-GL_ETNG-25KG
Packaging Plastic tank

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