6 x Lubricant with Anticorrosion Protection for Water Pumps - URAN - 1 liter - Package # 6 pcs.

$ 16.95 / Package
VAT Excluded

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URAN is a permanent additive that can be introduced into vehicles cooling systems after their washing and after the introduction of the new coolant.

It does not affect any components of the cooling system.

Dosage: 500 mL Bottle suitable for systems up to 8 L. 1 Liter Bottle suitable for systems up to 16 L.

EAN 8033158030287
Cylinder/Container size 1 liter
Packaging Overall Dimensions 298X195X280 mm.
Package weight 7 Kg.
Item number F-ER-PC-PAC-02
Packaging Refillable steel cylinder (T-PED) wrapped in cardboard box

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