12 x Commercial Refrigeration Polyol Ester (POE) lubricant oil specific to CO2 Errecom 55 - Plastic Tank 500 ml. - Package # 12 pcs. (total 6 liters)

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Errecom POE CO2 Oil - Lubricants for Refrigeration Systems working with CO2 (R744)

CO2 POE Synthetic Lubricant by Errecom is composed by a mix of Polyol Esters and Additives which have been specifically formulated for a better lubrication, chemical and thermal stability and an excellent antiwear protection of all the components of Refrigeration Systems working with CO2 (R744).

By optimizing the miscibility, we obtained an increase in terms of heat exchange even in the low temperature zone.

The pursued aims in the development of new Errecom Lubricants are:

  • Excellent lubricant ability
  • Hydrolytic stability
    High compatibility with the materials of all kind of Systems, both new and old ones (with a constant attention to their evolution over the time)
  • Excellent properties at low temperature
  • Electrical isolation
  • Low toxicity and high biodegradability level, always following our green philosophy precepts
  • Reduced hygroscopicity and anti-humidity Additive
  • High thermal stability to oxidation
  • High solubility performances with Refrigerants
  • Optimal miscibility with Refrigerants

Thanks to the research and the complete removal of polymerization catalysts, Errecom POE is one of the more stable and less reactive products within a System with POE.


EAN 8033158045601
Cylinder/Container size 500 ml
Packaging Overall Dimensions 335 x 240 x H185 mm.
Package weight 6.5 Kg.
Viscosity @ 40øC 55 cSt (ASTM D445)
Viscosity @ 100øC 8,8 cSt (ASTM D445)
Viscosity Index 142 (ASTM D2270)
Pour Point -49 °C (ASTM D97)
Density @ 20øC 0,982 Kg/m³ (ASTM D1298)
Flash point coc 280 °C (ASTM D92)
Acid Value <0,02 mg KOH/G (ASTM D974)
Mosture Contents 25 ppm
Item number F-ER-OL-POE55CO2-02
Packaging 12 plastic tanks 500 ml.

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