Solvent GenClean Tank - capacity 20 Lt - 25 Kg

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Solventi - Gen Clean: The non-chlorinated solvent for cleaning the inside of systems

The Gen Clean is a good alternative to chlorinated solvents. This product is used to remove oil,grease, resin, ink, adhesive, silicone oil, plasticizer, flux, etc.

Components to be cleaned can be treated both in vapour phase and in liquid phase, by immersion, also by ultrasound. In many cases good performance can be achieved with cold treatment.


Il Gen Clean is used in many sectors: 
  • refrigerants
  • air conditioning
  • naval industry
  • automotive industry
  • aerospaceindustry
  • medical industry.
Gen Clean is characterized by a high solvent power. Gen Clean Gen Clean is extremely effective when removing oil, fractions of oxidized oil and carbonaceous deposits. The product does not leave residues inside the systems or ontreated components. It gets dry very fast.
EAN n.d.
ASHRAE Flammability Classification A2
ASHRAE Toxicity
Cylinder/Container size 20 liters
Packaging Overall Dimensions dia. 295 x H 336 mm.
Package weight 1 Kg.
Cleaning of Oil and Grease
Dirty Cleaning-off
Item number F-GF-G_CLP-20
Packaging Plastic tank

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