12 x Hi-Pressure Purifying Treatment for Interiors - MONSOON PURE - 600 ml - - Package # 12 pcs.

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Purifying Treatment for Interiors and Filters – NO BIOCIDE

MONSOON is a large-scale purifying and perfuming treatment, useful for purifying filters and perfuming large environments.

Its powerful spray energetically spreads the fragrance on the surfaces and among the filter textures.

The fragrances selected by Errecom have great persistence and guarantee a long life.

MONSOON is available in the three fragrances Lemon, Mint and Pure.


Shake the cylinder and spray the product with short pressures on the button.

In order to clean and perfume the filters, concentrate the supply on the affected area.


MONSOON should be used by an experienced operator, provided with the specific equipment for personal protection.

Do not stay in the environment during the diffusion of the product.

The tank is under pressure; take away from open flames and do not expose it to heat sources.


EAN 8033158034940
Cylinder/Container size 600 ml
Packaging Overall Dimensions 295 x 195 x H280 mm.
Package weight 7.5 Kg.
Product Type Ready
Implementing rules: Ready to use
Item number F-ER-PC-PUR-15
Packaging Spray cylinder

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