12 x Universal Leak Stop for Engine Oil - STOP UP ENGINE - 1 liter - Package # 12 pcs.

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STOP UP is a leak stop specially formulated to stop micro-leaks that can occur in all types of engines (petrol, diesel, hybrids, etc.).

Formulated to restore elasticity and volume to the engine sealing elastomers and to restore their sealing power. The repair of the leak occurs during the normal use of the vehicle, at the latest in 24 hours.

Benefits: It does not create deposits in the engine and does not obstruct small oil passages. It works for car, motorcycle, agricultural machine, boats etc. It eliminates and prevents oil leaks in internal and external gaskets of the engine. It restores the original properties of gaskets and sealing O-rings (softness, elasticity, etc.). It stops leaks by acting on rubber, synthetic and natural gaskets (viton, silicone, polyacrylate, buna-type N). It eliminates and prevents leaks and from the seal rings and elastomer seals. Compatible with all types of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic lubricants. Compatible with vehicles equipped with particulate filters or catalytic converters. Suitable for all aspirated or supercharged petrol and diesel engines, including the latest ones generation equipped with exhaust gas post-treatment devices and those fueled with LPG and methane. It does not clog the oil filters.

Dosage: Use 60 mL of STOP UP for every litre of engine oil.

EAN 8033158029700
Cylinder/Container size 1 liter
Packaging Overall Dimensions 390X260X225 mm.
Package weight 14.6 Kg.
Item number F-ER-PC-OMO-02
Packaging Cardboard box

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