AtomKryon - KILLER ODOR - Odour Eliminator for Ultrasonic Nebulizers AtomKryon e Purezone Machine - 10 liters

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KILLER ODOR is an anti-odor treatment to be used with ultrasonic nebulizers AtomKryon and Purezone Machine or with any type of nebulizers today on the market.

Ready to use.

It does not cover odours but absorbs and eliminates them forever; its formula has been specifically designed for a great efficiency against the smell of smoke, cigarettes, food, pets and humidity.

The product is suitable for all types of metal and plastic surfaces; it does not damage or leave residues but only a pleasant scent.

Finely atomized molecules can reach every corner of the environment and absorb bad smells. This solution restores air quality, also leaving a fresh fragrance in the environment.

Instructions: for the best result, it is recommended a complete cycle with PureZone Machine or with another electronic nebulizer.

Place the nebulizer near the air aspirator for the maximum diffusion of the product. The cycle has a duration of about 11 minutes at 20°C. Once finished, wait 10 minutes more and then air out the room.

For professional use. Read the instructions on the label carefully

For more information on PUREZONE MACHINE nebulizer click here

EAN 8033158026471
Cylinder/Container size 10 liters
Packaging Overall Dimensions 280 x 255 x H340 mm.
Package weight 11 Kg.
Product Type Ready
Implementing rules: Ready to use
Odor removing
Item number F-ER-PC-PUR-26
Packaging Plastic tank

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