A/C System Diagnostic Device - OIL GUARD R134a - Package # 1 pc

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A/C System Diagnostic Device - OIL GUARD R134a

OIL GUARD is a Diagnostic Device to verify the general condition of a Vehicles A/C System, simply by connecting to the high and low-pressure ports of the A/C System.

Through the OIL GUARD glass it is possible to visually inspect the presence of chemical additives such as UV Leak Detector Dye or A/C Leak Stop, as well as the oil/refrigerant gas miscibility.

It is therefore possible to evaluate the quality of the oil, and the possible presence of water or other contaminants.

The kit includes: 1 Red Refrigerant Charging Hose. 1 Blue Refrigerant Charging Hose. 1 Low-Pressure port Quick Coupler. 1 High-Pressure port Quick Coupler.

EAN 8033158022473
Cylinder/Container size Non Applicabile
Packaging Overall Dimensions 347 x 290 x H650 mm.
Package weight 1 Kg.
Item number F-ER-AT-PUC-02
Packaging Plastic suitcase

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