Refrigeration Lines Flushing Fluid - BELNET - Metal Container 1 liter

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Refrigeration Lines Flushing Fluid BELNET AEROSOL - 1 liter

BELNET is a flammable, cleaning liquid specially formulated to flush the refrigeration lines.

BELNET removes all the residues of dust, grease and lubricants.

Thanks to its high capability of evaporation it does not leave any residue inside the refrigerant lines.

Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for the retrofit operations, for the pre-cleaning of the pre-assemblies, and for the washing of the pipes.

Before flushing, DISCONNECT the COMPRESSOR, THE EXPANSION VALVE and the DEHYDRATION FILTER: these components cannot be flushed.

For larger systems or automotive A/C systems it is recommended to flush by separating fractions of the piping.

Instructions: Inject BELNET in the plant or in the component to be flushed, by using a washing tank or other manual, electric or pneumatic tools.

Let BELNET circulate until the liquid will emerge from the part of the clean recovery.

Flush with nitrogen to accelerate the evaporation of the product.

Dispose the liquid wash, in accordance to the current regulations.

BELNET must be used by an experienced operator, who has to be provided with the specific personal protective devices/equipment.


EAN 8033158018971
Cylinder/Container size 1 liter
Packaging Overall Dimensions 360 x 275 x H235 mm.
Package weight 0.9 Kg.
Product Type Ready
Implementing rules: Ready to use
Item number F-ER-PC-LAV-03-1
Packaging 1 1-litre bottle

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