Refrigeration Lines Flushing Fluid with Rubber Cone - BELNET AEROSOL - 600 ml.

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Refrigeration Lines Flushing Fluid with Rubber Cone - BELNET AEROSOL - 600 ml.

BELNET AEROSOL belongs to the wide range of Errecom articles used for the correct internal cleaning of the refrigeration units.

These are essential products to ensure the proper performances of a new plants or to restore the efficiency of a plant that has been retrofitted, or after a maintenance service.

BELNET AEROSOL removes the protective lubricants (settled on the new pipes) during an installation, the production dirt or the dirt that may be penetrated within the pipes of a predisposition throughout the years.

BELNET AEROSOL is perfect to flush the unit when you run a retrofit operation or when you have to replace a burnt compressor.

The aerosol formulation is a direct and fast method to flush all the small refrigerant lines.

TURN OFF THE COMPRESSOR, THE EXPANSION VALVE and THE FILTER DRYER, before any cleaning operation, as these components should never be flushed.

BELNET AEROSOL is a fluid specially designed to remove any deposit of fat or production dirt, without leaving any type of residue.

As a ready-to-use solution, it has a very high evaporation speed, which makes the process extremely fast.

Warning: BELNET AEROSOL is a flammable, cleaning liquid. It is CO2 pressurized and can be directly used, without needing to use the flushing kit.

BELNET AEROSOL is fitted with a practical rubber cone which makes the cylinder a universal solution for every plant.

Instructions: Place the rubber cone, spray the content continuously in the system and let it circulate. Recover the dirty liquid at the exit point and flush with nitrogen in order to remove possible residues of product.

BELNET AEROSOL is available in format 600 ml, useful for the full treatment of a single plant.

Dispose of the liquid according to the rules in force.

BELNET AEROSOL must be used by experienced professionals, provided with the specific personal protective equipment.

EAN 8033158024019
Cylinder/Container size 600 ml
Packaging Overall Dimensions 295 x 195 x H280 mm.
Package weight 0.7 Kg.
Product Type Ready
Implementing rules: Ready to use
Item number F-ER-PC-LAV-01-1
Packaging Spray cylinder

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