Electric pump for HVACR lubricant charging and transfer - 25 bar (362 psi)

$ 494.73 / Pieces
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Electric pump for HVACR lubricant charging and transfer - 16 bar (232 psi)

• Compatible with all refrigeration oil types

• Strong power,easy charging under large back pressure

• Patented system, ensure easy charging under low temperature

• Pressure relief protection, to ensure safe operation

• Built-in thermal protection device, effectively prevent overloading

• Anti-backflow structure, ensure system safety during charging

• Special design, ensure to connect the different size of oil bottles


  • max pump pressure: 25 bar (362 psi)
  • max pump flow rate: 350 liter/hour
  • electric motor power: 3/4 HP (550 W)
  • hose connect: ¼" and 3/8" SAE
  • inlet hose length: 0,8 meters
  • outlet high pressure hose length: 1,5 meters

EAN n.d.
Package weight 10 Kg.
Item number F-AF-PO-WIP-PE-25B
Packaging Cardboard box

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