SANIBACT Liquid Disinfectant for Surfaces with Bactericide and Virucidal Efficacy (Biocide) - bottle 1 lt.

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Medical-surgical disinfectant device, registration n° 20145 - Concentrated solution to be diluted 1:25 in water

SANIBACT is a disinfectant, which has been designed in Errecom labs for the evaporators, air channels and every kind of surface that need a deep disinfecting level cleaning.

SANIBACT works even as a strong cleanser and guarantees the highest level of hygiene during the cleaning process.

SANIBACT is a HACCP product and it is ideal for the following applications:

  • hospitals, nursing home
  • medical centers, clinics
  • schools
  • sport courts
  • wellness center
  • butcher shops
  • confectionary industries
  • bakeries
  • restaurants
  • ice-cream shops
  • hotels
  • food induestries (meat, fish, vegetables etc.)

This product does not release odor and/or residuals.

Its disinfecting strength acts in just five minutes, allowing a deep and rapid action.

SANIBACT is an extremely concentrated product: a dilution of 1:25 is sufficient.

It is efficient against the following virus:
influence, hepatitis B/C, HIV, Rota virus, Noro virus and Ebola Virus.

Concerning bacteria, SANIBACT is in compliance with EN1276 EN 13697 tests and for the moulds EN13697 test..

Instructions: Dilute SANIBACT 1:25 in water. Spray on the surface with a trigger or with nozzle pump. Rinse after 15 minutes.

Professional usage product: wear the appropriate protective uniform.

Read the instructions on the label carefully.


EAN 8033158031475
Cylinder/Container size 1 liter
Packaging Overall Dimensions 90 x 90 x H280 mm.
Package weight 1.2 Kg.
Product Type Ready
Implementing rules: Concentrated product to be diluted
Suitable For: Internal conditioners split units
Fan coil air conditioning
Ventilation Air Conditioning Ducts
Refrigeration - Evaporators
Refrigerated Cabinets/Display Cases (Food)
Item number F-ER-PC-PMC-03-1
Packaging Refillable steel cylinder (T-PED) wrapped in cardboard box

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