Empty refillable cylinder T-PED 40 lt - 49 bar, suitable for flammable refrigerants, fitted with double phase valve

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Empty refillable T-PED cylinder 40 lt - 49 bar fitted with double phase valve (vapor + liquid) - single outlet W 21,8 x 1/14" LH (left hand) E 25E + safety device + dip tube

Suitable for HFO1234yf, R32 and all class A2L refrigerants (flammable)

EAN n.d.
Cylinder/Container size 40 liters
Packaging Overall Dimensions dia. 315 x 754 (h) mm.
Package weight 22.5 Kg.
Valve Type Double Phase (vapour + liquid)
Valve Outlet W 21,8 x 1/14" LH
Item number F-AF-BOM40-INF
Packaging Refillable steel cylinder (T-PED) with suction tube

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