Light alloy torch handle 19-6 MHF

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Description: Torch handle
Model for all cutting, welding, brazing and heating. It can be used with acetylene or other fuel gases. The valves are positioned at the top of the handle for a more precise adjustment during brazing.
  • handle light metal alloy, easy to use

  • head and tail forged brass

  • needle valves for fast and precise adjustment of the flame

Typical application:
Reading applications
Welding up to 14 mm.
Cutting up to 75 mm.

Please, take note:

The "Mixer Ox/Ac blender H192E-MHF" and "Welding nozzle - depth 1.0÷2.0 mm 160 L/h - 5090-2" are not included.

EAN 8052740119346
Package weight 0.25 Kg.
Item number G-ABA-IMP-19-6MHF
Packaging Cardboard box

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