OX safety valve for adaptors - 2 Functions - 85 m3/h

$ 23.36 / Pieces
VAT Excluded

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Anti-flame return valve for the reducer Oxygen
It prevents any return of gas flow, thanks to the built-in control valve
extinguishes flashbacks through the sintered metal filter
  • Capacity 85 m3 / hr (85,000 liters)
  • Pressure Max 15 bar
  • thread G 3/8 input "-RH-UNI ISO 228
  • thread G 3/8 output "A-RH-UNI ISO 228
EAN 8052740119421
Cylinder/Container size Non Applicabile
Package weight 0.2 Kg.
Item number G-ABA-VAL-188RGB
Packaging Cardboard box

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